She’s engaged! A Daddy’s Perspective

He said Will you? She said Yes!! Now they have a hashtag. #PracticallyPennington

Some of you reading this post have already experienced giving away your daughter so you know exactly what I’m feeling right now. Others are parents or parents-to-be of younger children so listen carefully 🙂

Just over 21 years ago this little life was conceived and 9 months later I got to hold her for the first time.  The emotions, thoughts and realizations that rocket through you at that moment are indescribable. For me they were compounded by the fact that I am a natural born strategic planner. I think in terms of the end game. In the rush of those first months of parenthood I was also thinking about the fact that I was now responsible for helping her to become all that God had created her to be – in the woefully short span of the next 20-ish years. Ugh!! Of all the myriads of life lessons she would need, there were two things in particular that I wanted to make certain of.

  1. Those of you who have read my personal thought posts know that I have an unshakable faith in the God of the Bible because of a personal relationship with his Son. If you want to know more about how that works, check out My Story.  As a daddy, the first thing I wanted to make certain of was that I passed down a heritage of faith. There’s a great passage in the Bible that describes how I approached the task. She is today a follower of Christ.She is engaged
  2. The second thing I wanted to make certain of was that her future husband was a man after God’s own heart. I knew that somewhere in the world a little boy was growing up but the problem was I didn’t know his name, so how could I influence what kind of man he would become? Back to the Bible. There’s a great story where Jesus describes a woman who, day after day, badgered a king into finally taking action. The point of the story is that we should pray like that to the King of kings. So, my prayer became… “God, give him godly parents who will help him come to know You. Mold and shape him into a man after Your heart. Give him role models that will teach him how to honor You. Build in him the character and habits he will need to be a life-long, God honoring husband and father… Please God, bring him into her life at just the right time.” For 21 years my wife and I prayed for that little boy over and over and over. Last week when he came and asked permission to marry our daughter, we thanked God for being faithful and answering all those prayers. He is indeed a man after God’s heart.

The way she tells it, he got down on one knee and before he could speak she started blurting out this uncontrollable run-on sentence

Her: “What-are-you-doing-Is-this-really-happening-Am-I-getting-engaged-Are-you-asking-me-to-marry-you?”

Him: “Well, I’m trying to, but…”

Her: “Yes!!!!!!!”

Him: “I haven’t asked yet…”

The run-on sentences didn’t stop all night. It makes a daddy happy to see his baby girl overwhelmed like that – and for good cause. Yesterday I had a daughter. Today I have a future son-in-law. The Bible is right when it says “The father of godly children has cause for joy.”

Congratulations baby girl on being #PracticallyPennington!!