The Pulse of the Cloud

baseball player hittingThose of us who live in the northern hemisphere generally love this time of year. We are on the downhill side of winter and about a month from the beginning of spring. Many of my friends here in the United States are already swinging baseball bats (or at least watching their children swing baseball bats). And at IBM, the smell of Pulse is in the air. Next week in Las Vegas, thousands of our valued clients and trusted partners will engage in a bold discussion on Cloud.

For those who are attending the Pulse Open Cloud Summit on Sunday February 23, or the main Pulse sessions beginning Monday February 24, one speaker of particular interest should be Jamie Thomas, General Manager, IBM Software Defined Systems. Take a moment to follow her on Twitter.

IBM CloudI was able to get advance copies of both Jamie’s main tent keynote Monday morning at 10am (session KEY-2550A) and her Cloud & Software Defined Environments (SDE) track kickoff Monday afternoon at 1pm (session CET-1463A). Jamie is a bold thinker and you should expect to walk away with good perspective on Cloud and SDE.

Jamie’s keynote centers on how cloud is changing the way work gets done. The lines between business leaders, developers and IT operations are blurring as they work in concert to compose new business models in a dynamic cloud. You’ll want to pay special attention as Jamie will be making some big announcements around IBM’s open community participation and a new composable environment to enable developers to rapidly build, deploy, and manage their cloud applications.

IBM SDE Open CommunitiesThe track kickoff lays the groundwork for a thorough week of Cloud and SDE sessions. Jamie will explain the business and technology dynamics that are pushing IT toward a new generation of infrastructure and she’ll give you a rich glimpse into how IBM is working in an open community context to make that infrastructure a reality. Some themes to watch for will be:

  • application aware – a great benefit of clouds and SDE is that they know something about the applications they are servicing
  • automation – SDE is automation for cloud
  • resource smart – you need to make the most effective use of you chosen hardware
  • openness – open source and open standards accelerate innovation and enable flexibility

Whether you are an IT decision maker, an architect, or a practitioner simply interested in the kinds of skills you’ll soon need to master, this session will help you organize your thinking.