Happy Anniversary!

It was a Friday night like most others. I was a student at Texas A&M University and my brain was ready for a little weekend rest. I was meeting some friends for a pizza…and there she was. I know that to say it was love at first sight sounds a little cliché, but I have not had a single date with anyone else since that night. That was almost 32 years ago.

happy anniversaryThis week, my beautiful wife and I will celebrate our 28th anniversary. I’m happy to admit that I’m still very much in love – no doubt about it. With the moral climate what it is in the world today, some would say that by making it this far, we’ve beaten the odds. That may be true, but I’m convinced that there are a few beliefs and habits we have that have contributed to the strength of our relationship.

  • The foundation of our relationship and marriage is a shared trust in the Savior and a belief that we are fused together. We don’t exist as an individuals any more.
  • Watch a TV show or movie, scan the news, or just look at the magazine covers in the grocery store checkout line and you’ll know that marriage relationships are under attack. Having your eyes open to the fact that you are under attack is a great first defensive move.
  • Nobody leaves the house in the morning before we pray together.
  • Arguments get resolved before going to bed. I’ll admit this habit can lead to some late nights. But the upside is that no disagreement or hurt is ever given a chance to take root and grow into something too large to deal with.
  • Nobody goes to bed at night before we pray together.
  • If we are within arm’s length of each other when we pray, we are holding hands. It’s purely symbolic of the fact that we are united, fused. And I’ll tell you, it’s REALLY hard to hold someone’s hand and bow your head to talk to your Creator if there is anything broken between you. This habit has caused me to pause and say I’m sorry a number of times.

So there you have it. Nothing magical. Just a set of habits that have stayed consistent for 28 years.

To my sweet wife, I’ve kinda gotten in the habit of loving you. I’m looking forward to continuing that habit for the rest of my life. Happy anniversary my love!


About Ron Riffe

IBM Manager, Software Defined Portfolio. Adoring husband, proud daddy, imperfect but redeemed. I have a thirty year background in the storage industry having held positions as both a consumer and a peddler and in roles spanning from administrator, to thought leader, to strategic planner, to senior manager. I’m also a passionate leader, speaker and author. My perspectives are my own.
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7 Responses to Happy Anniversary!

  1. Sudipta says:

    Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Riffe! Enjoy now and many more years to come….. 🙂

  2. Terese Knicky says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

  3. Congratulations! You are a wonderful example to us all. Excited to see the new habits from the next 28 years!

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