Edge 2013 Day 1 – Clouds and floods of Flash

After using Rainy days and sunshine to describe Day 0, Cloud and Flash seemed natural for Day 1. Not sure where there weather will lead tomorrow.

Day 1 of IBM Edge was action packed. With 65 new and refreshed products being announced and the first of over 75 client testimonials being shared, there was a lot of information to consume.

Here are the highlights that caught my attention.

Stephen Leonard is IBMs General Manager for Global Markets and a current resident of the UK. He described his experience traveling to the US for Edge. Sitting at breakfast in his home, he used his mobile phone to select a seat on the airplane, check in and get his boarding pass. Leaving his house, the satnav in his car downloaded real-time traffic data for the London area and optimized his route to the airport. In the airport terminal he read a British newspaper on his tablet, and because he had been looking at real estate in the US the day before, the digital British newspaper presented him with advertisements for realtors in Connecticut.

  • We are creating wider and wider trails of data that are as unique to an individual as fingerprints and DNA.
  • These data trails are also being created by manmade things like roads, railways, cities, and supply chains as well as nature made things like rivers, wind, and cattle.
  • The world is being shaped by Big Data.
  • But today’s datacenters aren’t made for this kind of world.
  • He referenced an analyst study (I admit I didn’t catch the source) that suggested in last 2 decades the cost of IT administration has grown from less than one-third of the IT budget to over two-thirds making investment in innovation difficult.

Bernie Meyerson is an IBM Fellow and Vice President of Innovation.

  • We will reach the density limits of silicon in 7-10 years.
  • The limits of magnetic recording are also approaching quickly.
  • Bernie showed a now famous IBM Research video of A Boy and His Atom to make the point that it’s important we know the physical limits of current technology and when they are coming because massive investment is needed to come up with what’s next.
  • IBM spends about $6B annually in R&D and has been #1 in patent production for the last 20 years. Last year alone, IBM was awarded 6,478 patents.

Kim Stevenson is the Chief Information officer at Intel.

  • We live in a sharing economy. We share pictures on Instagram, music on Pandora, bicycles with Citi Bike, cars with zipcar, and vacation rentals with airbnb.
  • As we move forward, most IT will be delivered in a shared model. Public, private, and hybrid clouds.
  • Stephen Leonard added IBMs point of view that important innovation will also be shared. He pointed to IBM’s strong involvement in and support of Linux, Eclipse, Apache, and now OpenStack and Hadoop.

Ed Walsh is IBMs Vice President Storage Systems Marketing and Strategy

  • You know about virtualizing servers and the benefits that lead both you and your peers to broadly adopt it for your compute infrastructure. Imagine if you could achieve the same benefits by virtualizing your storage infrastructure.
  • This is the promise of software-defined storage (SDS). The good news is that it is here today.
  • SDS v1.0 is virtualization of physical storage infrastructure, regardless of your choice in IMG_0245hardware vendor. IBM was delivering this in the Storwize family software platform  before the industry started calling it SDS.
  • SDS v2.0 is making that platform open and extensible kicking off an era of industry innovation. This is also here today.
  • SDS v3.0 adds analytic and application driven patterns, hints provided to the SDS platform through open APIs enabling it to adapt and optimize services to the workload.
  • I understand from other attendees that there was standing room only in two of the Technical Edge sessions in this area. Performance optimization expert and Master Inventor Barry Whyte discussed the history of the Storwize family software platform and product strategist Jason Davison talked about today’s SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center packaging of that technology. If you were in either of those sessions, please leave a comment below with your perspective.

TSM Operations Center

  • The much anticipated Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center was announced today.
  • Reports were that the session with product manager Xin Wang on the TSM Operations Center was also standing room only. If you were in that session, please leave a comment below with your perspective.  

7 Replies to “Edge 2013 Day 1 – Clouds and floods of Flash”

  1. A reblogué ceci sur Mzerm'ArtsLive and commented:
    The Atomic Boy is a Great TECH moment …
    Will probably enter in some History books !!!
    Sure that all the other topics where only here to have something around the Video …
    Really nice moment online, following #IBMEdge and watching it Live from France …TYVM IBM !


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